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e-InteMed adapts to the characteristics of the center or health / hospitals, providing a complete solution for Telemedicine software needs, while enabling interconnection with other databases.


It incorporates your corporate image.
It includes relevant information about patient care, and is specific to each medical center or hospital departments, if there are several.
Partial or final reports on the diagnosis and treatment can also be configured according to your specific preferences.


Each center can set the access levels it deems appropriate to the system and information, according to the type of user.
Each person will have their own unique username and password.
e-InteMed allows traceability of information entered by different user types.
e-InteMed meets the requirements of Spanish and European regulations for the protection of personal data.


Your authorized personnel may consult the schedule available medical personnel to care for the patient at the time and times you want.
It may also request and confirm appointments through this system.
From the confirmation of an appointment, your staff can load data from the patient's available medical history, allowing the system to tell you, as appropriate, which diagnostic tests should be available at the time of the appointment.