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e-InteMed allows complete and easy management of a health care provider’s care processes and medical records, safely synchronizing inquiries from different health centers, whether they belong to the same group or not. Similarly, it will allow these consultations for an unlimited number of specialists for the medical specialties needed.


e-InteMed covers the entire process of storage of scans to final diagnosis in an intuitive and visual way, incorporating the results of the tests that have been performed either previously or in real-time.
It may also contain access to PACS systems, (DICOM) health / hospitals that provide services, as well as their videoconferencing systems.


The e-InteMed interface can be adapted according to the medical specialties you want to include and the preferences of the Medical Staff who uses it.
The attending physician or consultant will know at all times which resources can be provided at the center where the patient is facing hospitalization and diagnostic testing, if necessary.


Medical personnel providing services will have individual and unique keys to access.
Such staff may only access information and medical records centers for which they are accredited.
e-InteMed meets the requirements of the Spanish and European regulations for the protection of personal data.


The doctor or may consult at any time the status of your agenda. In the case of emergency care, when entering the system, e-InteMed will report its pending cases.
When deemed appropriate, you can select new evidence and specify its settings and repetition over time. These orders will be loaded in real time on the interface receiver of medical services for compliance.