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371 pcspiro spiros product SPIROMETER
View and immediately compare the results of pulmonary function tests, and evaluate possible lung obstruction. Like other devices, can be connected to our mobile unit and PC.


See and compare accurate results from pulmonary function tests in seconds. Rate clearly pulmonary obstruction or restriction, increase success rates of patients who are quitting smoking, show progress, and help pediatric patients complete testing procedures.
Fast and reliable tests FVC, SVC and MV before-and-after bronchodilation with automatic interpretation and reversibility analysis.
Instant verification of quality and variability of performance testing and comparison of previous tests using trend lines.
Motivating for children with incentive graphics.
Disposable single use transducers reduce cross-contamination risks.
Monitoring, reviewing, storing, and printing using simple computer software.
Interface with EMR or patient management systems for local review or remote key data.