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A scaled-down version of the previous models, version gives the values of blood pressure and pulse on its own screen and through our Mobile Unit or PC. Despite its small size, the measurements are as precise.


Compact design, for easy handheld transport and capturing of readings on rounds or in hospital triage.
The SureBP hospital-grade technology allows for fast, accurate blood pressure readings in just 15 seconds.
You get reliable readings and minimization of error codes, even with the presence of motion or weak pulse.
It is compatible with bracelets of all sizes.
Lithium-ion battery technology allows for 100 readings during operation and, at the same time, recharge time is reduced.
It offers upgrade options, maximinzing the return on its initial investment as needs change.
Latex-free and mercury-free to ensure the safety of medical staff and the patient.
Technology sure bp: average measurement time 15 sec. Graphic Display: 16-bit color; 4.3 cms (at) x5, 8cm (n), (1.69 pulgx2, 28pulg ).
Cuff pressure range: 0 to 300 mmHg.
Diastolic interval: 60 to 250 mmHg / 30 160 mmHg.
Mean arterial pressure range: 40-190 of mmhg.
Pulse frequency range: 35 to 199 ipm.
Overpressure limit: 300 mmHg + -15mmhg. Dimensions / weight: 15 cm (to) / 8cm (long) /5.6cm (D).
Lithium ion battery, 3.7v, 2100th, 7.8 wh 100 scans per charge.
Internal memory for 50 readings.
Through a USB connection you can get updates for SureBP technology.