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CP150 angleL screen12-LEAD ECG

Easily allows the realization of the electrocardiogram, overturning the data to the Mobile Telemedicine Unit or PC, for data analysis and sharing information through Telemedicine system.


The electrocardiograph (ECG) CP 150 Welch Allyn combines the best features of the traditional ECG box, such as reports to full-size systems and clinical decision support, with a simple touch interface, fast operation with a single button and flexible connectivity options to help maintain staff productivity and reliability of their studies. The end result is a team that will help your institution save time, improve your workflow, and efficiently manage patient information.


Color screen 7 inches, to facilitate the entry of patient data.
Preview the ECG report before printing, saving time and reducing paper costs.
Screen display sizes of 3, 6 or 12.
ECG interpretation software MEANS, adult and pediatric.
Battery operation lets you easily transport the equipment to where the patient is.
Simplified Connectivity to Electronic Medical Record systems without complicated interfaces.
Instant-on allows the computer to quickly start to take an ECG during any emergency time.
Internal storage of up to 100 ECGs results, or transfer to a USB memory card.