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The Mobile e-InteMed Station is a valuable tool in telepresence. With its versatility, it constitutes an optimal solution to bring specialized professional services where required immediately, and allows the interaction of different types of users and users in real-time.


With high degree of customization, the mobile e-InteMed Station meets the needs of all users, being able to integrate different videoconferencing systems based on hardware or software, and with visualization that can incorporate one or two adjustable monitor heights, swivel and rotation.


The mobile e-InteMed Station allows easy integration with different types of software and hardware.


modulosThe mobile e-InteMed Station is designed to grow according to your needs. It makes it possible to cover different applications with a single unit. It is available in one, two and three modules and also utilizes the most frequently used the storage devices.


The mobile e-InteMed Station can easily interact by LAN or Wi-Fi connection with other devices on the network, or directly integrate to your network.
Thanks to the videoconferencing systems supported, it allows simultaneous display of video and other software, such as management or other records-related software.

Main uses


The mobile e-InteMed Station features make it a perfect nexus for a health specialist’s requirements, avoiding unnecessary transfers and saving time and money. Its versatility and adaptability enable use for different medical specialties, from primary care to the emergency room, thanks to its dual-power system and its self-locking wheels.
Its connectivity options allow the use of devices and software for diagnosis based on the needs of the specialties, such as Neurology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, etc. This makes it possible to serve different medical specialties with a single unit and, also, to view remote diagnostic tests in real time.


Mobile e-InteMed Station is also a powerful tool in education. Its ability to support different videoconferencing systems and PC-based educational tools allow senders and receivers to interact in real time, eliminating distance as an obstacle.


Computer Customized as required.




  • Adaptable system according to customer needs, based on software or hardware.
  • e-InteMed Vidyo® recommended. (1)
OS Customer choice according to market availability (Windows environment).


  • 10 USB (1.1, 2.0 and 3.0)
  • Ethernet GigaLan.
  • High speed WIFI and extended range.
Main Camera:
  • Several models available.
  • Supports pan control - tilt - zoom.

Assistant camera: Optional, several models available.

Multimedia Video HDMI, DVI, VGA and Components. Pluggable devices Allows the use of medical diagnostic devices based on PC.
HD audio and microphone + speaker system with echo cancellation. Power supply
  • Connected to the mains and battery system (4 to 6 hours of battery life).
  • AC 100V to 240V and 50Hz to 60Hz.
Screens 1 monitor 27 "or 2 22" articulated arm (vertical, horizontal, rotation and rotation). Dimensions 201cm more. (High) x 79.5 cm (width) x 57.5 cm (background).
Weight Depending on the configuration.